Women of the Amazon

“Indigenous women are far from powerless. From the deep forest, a movement of women has arisen, and they are taking matters into their own hands.”


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Survivors of Gun Violence

A portfolio of women representing thousands of others who have lost their children, family, colleagues, neighbors and friends to gun violence.

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Sex Education

Top model Anja Rubik sets out to change the taboo nature of sex in Poland with her movement and foundation #sexedPL.

Issue 13 Editor’s Letter

Guest Editor Paola Kudacki introduces her special issue of HUMANITY with a personal letter sharing her intention to raise awareness to the topics she cares most about.

Noor & Salwa Tagouri

“Combine your skills and talents with the causes that pain you the most, because then you get to live for those things, and you get to do them.”


“As opposed to talking about all the bad behavior and the ways in which women have been held back over time, we said, let’s get together to build community amongst ourselves and shine a light.”

Culture Archive

Blue Jeans: 350 years

The Centraal Museum in the Netherlands traces the evolution of denim over the centuries and though the styles known as Blue Jeans: 350 Years.

Chris Magnus

Chief Chris Magnus is committed to building trust between his police force and his community.

Nicole Katz

“As the owner of a printing press I feel an obligation to use it for more than just commercial projects,” says Nicole Katz, the CEO of Paper Chase Press.


Paris’ strange and stupendous taxidermy shop, Deyrolle was once blighted by fire but has risen like a phoenix from the ashes.


Parisian concept store Merci combines a high-end consumer experience with impacting philanthropic activity.

Rene Holguin

From leather accessories to interior spaces, the designs of Rene Holguin are honest, pure and supremely stylish.

Life Rolls On

Quadriplegic big-wave rider Jess Billauer, is proof that even after a major accident, life rolls on.

Lee Kaplan - Arcana Books - Humanity Magazine

Meet Lee Kaplan, founder of Arcana: Books of the Arts, a concept space brimming with rare books dedicated to visual arts.


For any parent, I think we can all agree that when your child is born, the love you experience is overwhelming.