Editors pick

Issue N13

Maggie Gyllenhaal

“I feel comforted when I see a movie and it expresses something that’s real and human that I haven’t seen expressed before, where I go, oh, that’s a part of my experience, and I didn’t know whether people felt this way.”

Malena Pichot

“We have all kinds of problems and I can’t believe how people who are not comedians can live in Argentina. Comedy is a way to deal with injustices.”

Sex Education

Top model Anja Rubik sets out to change the taboo nature of sex in Poland with her movement and foundation #sexedPL.

Issue 13 Editor’s Letter

Guest Editor Paola Kudacki introduces her special issue of HUMANITY with a personal letter sharing her intention to raise awareness to the topics she cares most about.

NYC 1999

Argentine-born photographer Paola Kudacki shares some of the first images she took when she arrived in New York in 1999.

Women of the Amazon

“Indigenous women are far from powerless. From the deep forest, a movement of women has arisen, and they are taking matters into their own hands.”

Survivors of Gun Violence

A portfolio of women representing thousands of others who have lost their children, family, colleagues, neighbors and friends to gun violence.

Marianela Nuñez

“I’ve had a career here at the Royal Ballet for 21 years… I have it in my soul. The need to go deeper and grow artistically is there every day.”


Paola Kudacki shares a series of places special to her in her home country of Argentina.

Carmen Winant

Paola Kudacki meets the artist in her studio to discuss motherhood and how it has impacted every part of them.

Noor & Salwa Tagouri

“Combine your skills and talents with the causes that pain you the most, because then you get to live for those things, and you get to do them.”