Hillary Super

“There’s no reason for us to be competing against each other, because there’s room for all of us. The place that each of us is meant to be, we’ll find it.”


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Karmen Berentsen

“I realized I wanted to work in an environment and industry I love and in one where I could be a part of helping people.”

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“I get to do what I love, and employ a team of wonderful people in our studio. It’s like a dream come true.”


“I love working as part of a collaborative team” says our CEO, whose enthusiasm for denim is still going strong.

Kate Moss by Ronnie Wood

Introducing Kate Moss for Humanity Issue N11. The British supermodel sits down with Ronnie Wood for an original painting, all while the two were captured by Bailey’s renown lens.

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Leila Yavari - Humanity Magazine

Leila Yavari’s background is as inspiring as her sense of style …