Michel Rostang’s Black Truffle Sandwich

Photography by Mathieu Vilasco Food

Michel Rostang is the chef and owner of several French gourmet restaurants, including restaurant Michel Rostang, for which he has earned two Michelin stars. “I love everything about what I do,” Michel says. “I still love being in the kitchen.”

Michel comes from a family of chefs—he is the son of chef Jo Rostang of La Bonne Auberge in Antibes, which earned three Michelin stars. “I am very proud to be a fifth-generation chef,” he says. “Since I lived in the restaurant, we were nursed by the various smells from a very young age. So it’s always been a vivid interest. It was written in the cradle.”

Family is still very important to him, and he considers his business model a “family model.” He and his daughters, Sophie and Caroline, collaborated on a cookbook, Rostang Père & Filles, which includes more than 60 family recipes, and Caroline is in charge of the modern bistro L’Absinthe.

In December, Michel, Sophie and Caroline hosted a cooking class at his private kitchen in Paris for friends of Citizens of Humanity. In the class, the Rostangs taught attendees how to make his warm black truffle sandwich, and the recipe is reprinted below for all to enjoy.




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