Beginning November 4th, 2016, and running through January 7th of the new year, Pace Gallery presents Rothko: Dark Palette, a special exhibition of Mark Rothko’s work, tracing the evolution of the artist’s use of dark colors in his sectional paintings, from an untitled 1955 piece through his later works in the 1960s. The exhibition proposes that what may seem like a reflection of the artist’s own inner turmoil was perhaps more of a study on the theme of tragedy in art.

On the subject, his daughter Kate Rothko-Prizel shares in HUMANITY Issue No. 9, “It was very hard for me to separate the increasing darkness of his paintings from his mood. It took me quite a number of years after his death to understand that those dark pictures were really about him taking his work in a new and, if you will, higher direction, rather than being a reflection of something personal in his life.”

Pace Gallery founder Arne Glimcher, who has represented the artist’s work since 1978, offers further insight: “On several occasions, Mark spoke of the importance of tragedy and tragic themes as stimuli for the creation of profound beauty. Rothko considered tragedy a theme worthy of art. He cited Greek theater and the way it dealt with the depth of human emotions and universal truths.”

Get a preview of some of the featured works here, and see the monumental paintings now on display at Pace Gallery’s 510 West 25th Street location in New York.


Mark Rothko Untitled {Rust, Blacks on Plum}, 1962 oil on canvas 60″ x 57″ (152.4 cm x 144.8 cm) No. 07446


Mark Rothko Untitled, 1969 Acrylic on paper 51-5/8″ x 41″ (131.1 cm x 104.1 cm) No. 10818 Alt # 2032.69


Mark Rothko 
 No. 22 {Untitled} 1961
 oil, acrylic and mixed media on canvas 79-1/2″ x 69-1/2″ (201.9 cm x 176.5 cm)
 No. 62892


Mark Rothko Black in Deep Red 1957 Oil on Canvas 69-3/8″ x 53-3-4″ (176.2 cm x 136.5 cm) No. 63347


Mark Rothko Mural, Section 6 {Untitled} [Seagram Mural], 1959 No. 19018 Alt # Estate No. 6009.59; CR# 662 Format of original photography: high res tiff
Mark Rothko
Mural, Section 6 {Untitled} [Seagram Mural], 1959
No. 19018





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